108 Inch Round Table Cloth

108 Inch Round Table Cloth. Tablecloths With Logo.

108 Inch Round Table Cloth

108 inch round table cloth

    round table

  • An assembly for discussion, esp. at a conference
  • The table at which King Arthur and his knights sat so that none should have precedence. It was first mentioned in 1155
  • a meeting of peers for discussion and exchange of views; “a roundtable on the future of computing”
  • An international charitable association that holds discussions and undertakes community service
  • (legend) the circular table for King Arthur and his knights
  • The Round Table is King Arthur’s famed table in the Arthurian legend, around which he and his Knights congregate. As its name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status.


  • Woven or felted fabric made from wool, cotton, or a similar fiber
  • A variety of cloth
  • A piece of cloth for a particular purpose, such as a dishcloth or a tablecloth
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  • Year 108 (CVIII) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
  • 108 (born 1978) is an Italian artist in the field of street art from Alessandria.
  • 108 is an American hardcore band founded in 1991. Their music reflected the Hare Krishna faith of its members. Their name comes from the number of beads on the Japa mala, or mantra counting beads.

108 inch round table cloth – 108 Inch

108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth
108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth
Our round tablecloths feature serged edges to give a finished look of elegance. These durable, machine-washable tablecloths are made of a heavier fabric than most other tablecloths on the market, and we are confident that these quality tablecloths may be used and washed many times before showing signs of wear.? Our round table linens are available in a beautiful array of rich colors, designed to complement nearly any color scheme. These tablecloths are seamless (made from a single piece of cloth) and are made of 100% woven polyester (Dacron).
This tablecloth is made of woven polyester ? durable, wrinkle and stain resistant, and can be used a hundred times or more.
A fully draping tablecloth can be combined with an overlay, a table runner, or any other table linen accent to take your table coverings up to the next level and create a more elegant impression.

Round Table Discussion With Chris Teskey From WPKN 5

Round Table Discussion With Chris Teskey From WPKN 5
Chris Tesky from WPKN (89.5 FM Bridgeport, CT) participated in a round table discussion on community radio and fundraising. Chris has a lot of experience in community radio and gave us many insights and reassurances, the biggest one being that VFR is not weird, that their station seems like it’s in chaos all the time too (nice to hear!).

Round Table

Round Table
Warsaw, 6th February 1989. The beginning of the Round Table talks.

Warszawa, 6 lutego 1989. Rozpoczecie obrad Okraglego Stolu.

Fot. Erazm Ciolek.

108 inch round table cloth

108 inch round table cloth

Now Designs 60 by 108-Inch Hemstitch Tablecloth, White
For over 45 years Now Designs has created fashionable, fun, and functional kitchen textiles, table linens, gifts and decorative accessories for the home. Whether it’s kitchen basics, fashion forward designs or gifts for any season, Now Designs’ quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. Now Design’s Hemstitch tablecloths feature a smart, classic border and are available in a variety of colors to compliment any tabletop palette. Tablecloth measures 60 by 108-inch and is designed to fit tables measuring 36 by 84 to 48 by 96-inch. Made of 100-percent cotton, coordinates nicely with Hemstitch napkins and Basic Collection placemats. Machine washable, iron as needed; made in India.